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deeWhen my friends used to tell me that they where cheating on their husbands I never understood what could make them act like that with the man they said they loved, well that was until I found myself in their position, I met this gorgeous guy while out one evening with some of my friends and we hit it off straight away, I had a fantastic night with him and when it came to me going back home to my hubby I just couldn’t  I wanted him so much, it wasn’t the drink either making me act this way I just found him so attractive and wanted to shag him.

I phoned my husband and told him we where all going back to sue my friends house for a couple of hours to have a laugh, he said ok have a good time, Oh cheating on him made me feel like a real slut but I just could not help myself, any way we went to his place where I had a fantastic time, cheating made me feel so liberated and as long as hubby doesn’t find out no one gets hurt, That was about a year ago and I have cheated a few times now and I am looking for more random men for discrete no strings sex, So if you feel the same and live in Sheffield get in touch.

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vonnyFrom time to time I feel I need some thing more from my humdrum life, don’t misunderstand I love my life and my hubby but I feel as if there is some thing missing, you see I feel horny all the time and never truly feel satisfied after I have made love with my husband, That’s why I started looking on the internet for a way to relieve my frustration, That’s when I came across Adult Dating and casual sex.

I was getting so turned on reading through the profiles that I thought this is what I am looking for, meeting exciting new sex partners and having a good time. I found a couple of guy’s I fancied so I sent them a message not expecting to hear anything, however to my surprise I receives an email a couple of hours later, it was a good job my husband was at work because he would have gone ballistic if he had read the naughty reply, I was so excited reading through mikes email that I was getting wet thinking about what we might get up to,

That was a few months ago and since then I have met mike and a few other horny guy’s and really been enjoying discrete sex with guy’s I have met, But hey if your interested in meeting me I would love to hear from you .

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5041855_300Ok so what makes me horny I bet you would love to know that! Well I like taking a shower and feeling the soapy water trickling down my body especially over my breasts, I love anything that you would do to me groping my cuddly ass or tit’s to fingering my shaved pussy, gets me horny, I just love my boobs to be played with that gets my pussy so wet.

I am always horny and ready to shag but I do prefer the bedroom because I find it more private, I want to get naked with a man for no strings attached sex in Sheffield my name is Davina, I love it when the guy I’m with plays with his penis getting it hard and masturbating in front of me, I do however like to do that for him, you see I just love playing with cock turning it from floppy to hard erect and ready to spear my wet pussy.