Looking for discreet sexy fun in Huddersfield

5767888_300Hi there I’m Kathy and I’ll try not to be to corny, I’m a fun girl from Huddersfield with an incredible body lol, I have a very high sex drive because I think about sex all the time a lot more than is good for me anyway, I work in a bar in the evenings when most people are relaxing with a drink and having fun. I am looking to meet sexy friends with whom I can have some real sexy fun and to chat too, after all you never know what can happen do you. I love flirting, teasing and playing sex games, my best friend is my apple notebook which I love and keep every thing in, I love my life but I just want to meet sexy men who will enhance what I already have, then if we hit it off we can get naughty with each other

Hugs and kisses
Kathy xxx